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Here we have monthly giveaway where you can entry every 24 hours to get more points, The more points you have the better chance you have to win, Partydragen will roll the winner at the end of the month each month

There is also a giveaway daily on my Discord

Using VPN/Proxy or cheating in any way will lead to disqualified and punishment

Giveaway prize:
15 USD
Giveaway ends:
31 January 2023

There is total:
10 entry points
You have:
0 entry points

Latest winners
htcs | 31 December | 100 USD
CuzImHerper | 30 November | 15 USD
TyphoonFrostfang | 31 October | 15 USD

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MC Server List (Get Paid)

Do you own a minecraft server or known someone who do? Get they to post the server on where server owners and voters earn money for voting!

MC Statistics

MCStatistics is a minecraft server moderation tool and monitoring system for the server and players. Server owners can simply add their server to get started. Check it out at


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