An option to add conditionals field

creeperz653 creeperz653: about 1 month ago
Thats a option to make fields that depencs on a selection or answer of a field above.
Conditionals Fields are fields that shown if a specified answer is selected. So, in the dropdown menu, selection A was made, so the conditional fields A and B are displayed. If I choose answer B in the drop-down menu, the conditional fields C and D are displayed.

For example: I have a rank dropdown field in a application form and select Builder. Then 2 fields appears with a main title called What job are you looking for and the options would be "Builder" and "dev". If i select Developer, then the fields "Experience in the following script languages" and "Experience as a developer" are shown.

So its a "if, then" option. It would be really cool
Og post
in a short term IF you click a option kinda like the option feature and lets say you click builder the next page Will be about applying for builder kinda like
when you click next it opens a builder part


Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 month ago

It is planned in the future but not a priority, Have to much else that need to be done
And as you mentioned its a duplicate suggestion of so i close this

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