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NamelessHosting [Free Website] Website

Website: https://namelesshosting.com/
Role: Owner
Description: On NamelessHosting you can create your own website for free with a powerful staff panel to manage the website.
CubedCraft [Free Server]Website

Website: https://cubedcraft.com/
Role: Owner
Description: CubedCraft is a Minecraft server where you can create your own server ingame for free along with a powerful management panel to control the server, There is also several minigames and gamemodes,
MC-Server-List [Earn Money]Website

Website: https://mc-server-list.com/
Role: Owner
Description: MC-Server-List is a minecraft server listing website where server owners can advertise they server on MC-Server-List and users can come to follow, participate in events and monthly giveaways!
MCStatistics Website

Website: https://mcstatistics.org/
Role: Owner
Description: MCStatistics is a minecraft server moderation tool and monitoring system for the server and players. Server owners can simply add their server to get started.
NamelessMC Website

Website: https://namelessmc.com/
Role: Manager & Developer & Resource Creator
Description: NamelessMC is a Minecraft website software package. It’s a great alternative to other expensive forum software, and we’re hoping to end up as a complete and free solution for servers who'd like to have a user-friendly website that’s packed with features. It's written entirely in PHP/Javascript and allows for a completely custom design if you're comfortable with HTML and CSS.
BF2142 Reclamation Website

Website: https://battlefield2142.co/
Role: Developer
Description: BF2142 Reclamation is a revival of Battlefield 2142 where people can start playing multiplayer again after EA shutdown the game.

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