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The /buy Command!

Ker35 Ker35: about 1 year ago

Whoa Whoa slow down tiger, didn't mean to get you excited!
How bloody cool would it be if Partydragen was able to implement this awesome idea on being able to purchase a store item from INGAME.

Bonkers, right?
The player would need to have credits in order for this to work.

Now, somebody like myself actually grants $0.05/vote and has a monthly reward of $3.50 which players can claim for 100% free. In just 1 month of constant support, you can earn yourself something snazzy from the store.

I'd love a feature where "/buy " is a thing, and then "/buy confirm" - and if you don't have enough credits? Well simply display an error like "Hey! You don't have enough credits for this." - or maybe this value can be changed from the StaffCP?

I know not all people love to grant credits for free, but I do. It's just how my server works, we do a monthly credit giveaway and as I mentioned, you can earn credits too. I do like money so if people wanted to, they can donate and buy the products via Stripe or PayPal instead of credits... It's just a nice option to play a server where you get free money, to spend on ranks...

Anyways.... "/buy ranks iron" then "/buy confirm" - "Success! Your purchase can take upto 15 minutes to apply."
Thank you for having some form of interest and reading this whole darn thing.

Patreon votes get their votes priority


Ker35 Ker35: about 1 year ago

Unsure who this would actually work for, but it would work 100,000,000,000% for me!

Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 year ago


This has been discussed before but this take time and is up to <@183954832485253121> with is doing the plugin development

Ker35 Ker35: about 1 year ago

Derkades, bro... I love you deeply, you know that, right?

Partydragen Partydragen: about 1 year ago


Ker35 Ker35: about 1 year ago

If I was a more knowledgeable person and continued on with my 1.7.x mods moving into plugins, I would have totally done this myself.

However, I am super noob - and the idea of starting now just gives me a headache!

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