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Full order history system.

Weark Weark: about 1 year ago

When the player accesses: https://yoursite.com/user/store/
And going to his purchases, instead of just seeing the purchase, he will be able to click on the purchase to see the details of the purchase.

Style like a Wordpress store.

Make only the player logged into his account have access to the link that redirects to the history of that purchase, example:

There you will inform which products were purchased.
And the status of the purchase, such as: "Pending" "Payment confirmed" "Sent" "Completed" etc...

And most importantly, it would have a field with a message that the Team could update through StaffCP, being able to leave a complete message with the activation instructions and the Key of the purchased product.
You can change the purchase status to "Complete".

If possible, put when to update the field there as well, for the alternative option to send an email to the player.

Subject: "Your purchase of has been updated to
(What was written there on the StaffCP dashboard)

Subject: "Your Hypixel purchase has been updated to 'Complete'

Hi ,

Your purchase of a 30 Day Diamond VIP at Hypixel has been successfully approved.

Your Key is: 10IG5U4H58V2B

To activate write the command: /usarkey 4H56SD6TG7S

For more information, contact us:

Discord: https://dc.hypixel.com
Instagram: https://ig.hypixel.com
Twitter: https://tt.hypixel.com
YouTube: https://yt.hypixel.com

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Ker35 Ker35: about 1 year ago

So the current 5 triggers are Purchase, Refund, Changeback, Renewal & Expire.

When purchasing through PayPal and Stripe, the trigger would be "Purchase" if successful, otherwise on the payment gateway's end it give some form of error like insufficient funds. I do like your idea tho regarding /user/store/, being able to view a full-purchase history of sorts when clicking on the purchase, which would take you to the transaction /user/store/transaction-id/1234

I personally already have emails setup for the "Purchase" trigger event and everything is done automatically, however it would be nice if something similar could be added on the /user/store/transaction-id/1234 where the email in question could also be posted to that page, where the top-section is information like Order ID, Transaction, Date & Time, Item, Gateway and all that sweet jazz, could be customisable? then under that the email could then be posted...? however that would work!

I think what we arleady have is enough, we can view basic information regarding the transaction via /user/store/ and if emails are setup, then you can add more information there, however I would love to see more in-depth information for each transaction.

Order 4321
Transaction ID: 1234
Amount: $10
Date: 03/03/2023 1:55pm
Gateway: Stripe
Product: 7-day VIP Package

Email / Communication
Hi {username},

Thank you for your recent purchase.... (blah blah)

Your Key is: 1234567890

To activate write the command: /usarkey 1234567890

Order: 4321
Transaction ID: 1234
Amount: $10
Date: 03/03/2023 1:55pm
Gateway: Stripe
Product: 7-day VIP Package

Thanks for your purchase,
Hypixel Team <3

Weark Weark: about 1 year ago

Hi Ker35,

Excellent comment.

It's because on my server, players are used to my current site which has the system similar to what I suggested: /user/store/transaction-id/1234

In addition to it storing all the player's purchase attempts, and also storing the rejected purchases, so that he has the history of everything saved in his panel.

I wish Partydragen would add something similar, I'm sure it would help everyone.

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