MCStatistics enhancements

Supercrafter100 Supercrafter100: 9 months ago
I would like to suggest a few enhancements that would make the website and discord bot more user friendly:


- A way to search a player in a server. When viewing a server its players, I would like to see a way to search for a player using a search bar. You could in theory ctrl + f the username but I think a dedicated feature would be easier. I would also suggest to just paginate the page so not all users are displayed on 1 page. This way load times can be decreased.

- Graphical data. I suggest adding graphs to the website to help visualize how your playercount etc are changing. This would be great for statistics and since this service is all about statistics I suggest adding it.

- Hiding the secret key on initial page load. In case you are streaming and accidently open the page, the key will still be hidden from your view until you reveal it by clicking a button. That way accidental key leaks won't happen.


- Formatting playtime in a more readable way on the discord bot. Currently it looks like the playtime is just displayed in minutes. I suggest converting it to a more readable format by doing like "dd-hh-mm" this way its easier for others to read instead of having to do the math themselves.

- Translatable messages. As a namelessmc tradition. Try to add a way for others to translate the website and bot messages. This will make it easier to use for all our non-english friends.

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