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Ker35 Ker35: 4 months ago
When a user is submitting a Staff Application, or a Ban Appeal, possibly even Refund Requests there is one thing that user cannot do!

It would be great if there was a feature for a user to upload media from their computer or mobile device for when they're submitting a form. The media could be viewed by clicking "view media" or something on the Submissions page when replying/viewing a submission.

I've had some players complain about no such thing existing and having to use Google Driver or Dropbox to upload and share the media with us. I found something similar on Suggestion 17, and I feel like it is a great idea, and for one I would be happy to pay for the module if it included that option.

I use the forms module for all sorts of things, including Tickets because the Tickets module by skyrowl just doesn't have the option for email replies or Discord Webhooks (which I take to Zapier to customise then post to Discord). It would be handy for when my players need to upload an in-game error, a rule breaker or a short video for the staff applicaion, that they can directly upload media through the NamelessMC Website.

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