Command Placeholders

Ker35 Ker35: 3 months ago
[Better Placeholder Explanation -x- Placeholder Page/Location]

It would be great to list all command placeholders on the module store page
and also a new tab on the module called "placeholders"

I sorta get confused with what is already in place, and what each placeholder currently does.

[Custom Field -x- Command Execute]

When a user inputs data into a custom field like...
(picture a top-tier rank or something)
Field: Custom Server Shout
Content: yo, wazzup

Being able to then execute that "field" in command actions.
"say {username} baught {productName} - {field_1}"

Ker35 baught Titan - yo, wazzup

--Sorry, this suggestion is kinda messy--
and that's why we need...


Partydragen Partydragen: 3 months ago
As for custom fields its planned, that custom fields is being placeholders for commands
Partydragen Partydragen: 3 months ago
Added on 19 Feb 2022, Will be included in next release v1.4.0

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