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Image uploading module

GyztorMizirath GyztorMizirath: 3 months ago

Similar to the wordpress backend media library and the final goal of features in the module (in my eyes) would be:
1. Use any image uploaded in places like banners, favicon, etc etc
2. Would allow administrators to see all stuff uploaded to their site (either through the forums area or other modules if possible) through this menu and remove bad, explicit or virus like files in one convenient place (i would honestly say this is a niche idea as people would be reporting the post and you could easily look into what it is but this would be a good way to stop something before it happens even if its only a chance that happens)
3. would be able to allow categorizing files so things can be organized (i don't see this a necessity, just a nice to have)
4. Would allow people to see what they have all uploaded either in their profile area (kinda like how spigotmc or the resources module does resources but a seprate section for just uploaded stuff in general excluding the uploads from the resources module obviously unless you want some integration with that possibly too?) or the accounts area and the person can choose whether to allow people to see what they have uploaded on their public page or not.
5. Would allow for users who have uploaded stuff to delete that stuff from the website themselves too (but possibly make it log-able too so its something that can be found? would also be toggle-able)
6. The ability to limit what is uploaded site wide (and even maybe restrict certain people from uploading at all?)

These are all the ideas i have that could be put into a module like this, I mainly just dumped everything out at once (hence why its unorganized) as it would be relatively cool to have something like this as a module since it would allow more control over uploaded content to a namelessmc site



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