Changelogs/updatelogs Module

Skizzles Skizzles: 3 months ago
Example of another website:

What this would include?:
- Category sorting (Similar to suggestions module)
- Labels for what category for easy viewing
- Date it was posted
- Webhook to discord with options to ping certain discord roles that are linked in the Group Sync area

Why is this a good idea?
Honestly it keeps players/users updated on what is being added/changed on a service and would allow an easy way to display the information while syncing to Discord.

Example of how I currently do changelogs for context:


Ker35 Ker35: 3 months ago
Great Idea!
This is the changelogs system I set up in the mean time.
Using a Webhook to POST to Zapier, then Zapier will "Send Message" In Discord so I can format the webhook better.

Before that we used to do it in a similar way

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